Morandin Design has always trusted in the added value of a “100% Made in Italy” production.  The Italian nature of the brand contributes to the immediate recognition of a Morandin Design product, which embellishes and elevates it in terms of quality and image. 

Each of our products represents the product quality, creativity and style famous throughout the world.  The idea, Design and fulfillment of every product is carried out exclusively on italian territory.

We believe in respect for tradition, and the value of innovation: unlike other companies we choose to value the potential of our local area economy, supporting the Made in Italy, esteemed worldwide for its elegance, chosen for its lines and desired for its beauty.

Morandin Design is synonym of elegant products that combines efficiency and functionality, thanks to simple lines, high quality fabrics, and skilled handcraft work .


Our project is oriented to focus on the value of the production in terms of:

• Quality
• Style
• Prestige