After years of experience in the design of industrial containers, the company Morandin containers srl gave birth to a new and sparkling line of home furnishings.

Morandin Design was born in line with the philosophy of containment and enhanced by a burst of domestic pleasure. Morandin Design, in fact, thanks to its line of products aims to furnish a trendy home.

Morandin Design has developed the concept of industrial container to make it available to all, creating a series of state-of-hearth furnishing accessories from a design and functionality point of view.

Our products are entirely made with quality materials and carefully studied in every detail.
This is how holders for firehood and pellets are born . These products solve the need to collect, transport and arrange wood, but also books, objects and furnishings, all designed to be easily matched with different architectural styles. Morandin Design offers to its customers a line of high quality products and affordable for everyone. It pays attention to the growing needs of the market and is oriented towards satisfying the various daily needs, all without ever forgetting the functionality and attention to detail.
Morandin Design is synonymous with a stylish product that combines the simplicity of the lines to the color freshness and audacity of forms, all in line with the leitmotif of the Made in Italy, appreciated for its elegance and desired for its beauty and originality.
In contrast with many other economic realities, the Morandin design activity focused on the value of production entirely made in Italy.
Thus they were born the important and creative partnership with two young and dynamic companies, one linked to the furniture world with a strong emphasis on samples of recycled fabrics and leathers, the other specializing in steel processing.
The continuous work of our department of research and development allows us to offer increasingly innovative products, in shapes and fabrics that are able to reflect different tastes, and that enable our products to integrate better within homes.

Our project is therefore directed towards a sophisticated production, attentive to detail and originality, always pointing the basic features of Made in Italy quality, style and prestige.

Fabric tester TESTED

Every single fabric, proposed by Morandin Design has been tested with practical tests for professionals to ensure maximum safety!

We recall also the assistance Morandin Design. It can happen in the years that the product can be damaged or broken with a load of wood too abundant or otherwise, where it is then possible, we provide our artisans of trust for the repair to the best of the product.