Store the pellet in a dry, warm place is certainly a priority for anyone who owns a pellet stove.

Not everyone knows that the classic stocking bags of 15 kg of pellets in the garage or basement, can seriously affect the proper functioning of the stove.A pellet which has absorbed too much moisture from the environment of storage, once poured into the stove, has a markedly lower yield compared to the pellet which has been stored in a dry place. This means that the environment will heat less if the pellet is wet.

A ‘great idea to safeguard the stove in time and have the desired performance, is to pour the pellets in a container near the stove a bit’ of hours before being used, so as to be able to dry all the moisture accumulated.

This good habit can save you in time, so you can optimize the consumption of pellets and avoid additional costs of maintenance of the stove and of its components.

And so Morandin Design decided to create a specific line of pellet door, functional and design. All containers are equipped with a wooden bottom double layer to ensure a greater moisture absorption.

Discover the line of holders for pellet of Morandin Design on

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