SWEET PEA is a finely worked  firewood-bucket made of bonded leather.

It’s a unique and captivating article of furniture with two string-handles on the sides.

Thanks to its strong bottom made of wood, can be equipped with 4 wheels on request.



Code: PLSW55

Measures: Height ±55 cm, diameter ±47 cm.

Capacity: ±0,1 m3.

Customization: No.

Accessories: 4 wheels.

Material: Container made of bonded leather.


Colors: Bianco, Beige, Moro, Nero.

Look at the color chart.

The images are for demonstration purposes, the code refers only to the container. Our products are equipped with a wooden rigid base to ensure a very good load capacity. The wheels can be requested on all models except for Candy. Customization with logo on request.