SNOWFLAKE is a container made of bonded leather with a bottom made of wood.

You can imagine it in every environment, from the living room to the bedroom, next to the fireplace, near the desk.

Thanks to its strong bottom made of wood, can be equipped with 4 wheels on request.




Measures: Height ±56 cm, base ±40 x 50 cm, width ±70 x 50 cm.

Capacity: ±0,11 m3.

Customization: No

Accessories: 4 wheels.

Material: Container made of bonded leather.

Colors: Bianco, Beige, Moro, Nero.

Look at the color chart.

The images are for demonstration purposes, the code refers only to the container. Our products are equipped with a wooden rigid base to ensure a very good load capacity. The wheels can be requested on all models except for Candy. Customization with logo on request.