LOA S is the soft bag where you can store your firewood, this product belongs to our last collection “SOFT LINES”.

Handcrafted work from master artisans, Loa s bicol. represents our innovation and contribution to the design of the firewood container.

Loa s bicol. with its soft and minimal shape is a perfect container for the firewood. Thanks to its delicate and soft structure, it envelops softly this natural and essential element that we use to warm  up our houses since time immemorial.

Useful and functional, this container is designed down to the smallest detail: the elegant stitching, soft fabric pleasant to the touch, the high quality material, the unique made in Italy taste, makes Loa s bicol. an exclusive and chic articles of furniture.

The handles facilitate its transport, and the soft texture allows this bag to be placed wherever you want.

Thanks to the resistant wood-bottom, Loa s bicol. can also be equipped with a 4 wheels.


Name: LOA S

Code: SMLS

Measures: Height ±50 cm, base ±50×40 cm.

Capacity: ±0,1 m3.

Customization: embroidery on request.

Accessories: 4 wheels.

Material:  Container made of faux suede fabric or Rainbow full-grain leather.

Colors 1: Faux suede: Antracite, Bosco, Moro, Nero, Sabbia, Perla, Terra, Rosso.

Colors 2:  Rainbow full-grain leather: Bianco, Avorio, Fumo, Talpa, Cammello, Grano, Carota, Kiwi, Caffè, Notte, Nero.

Look at the color chart.

The images are for demonstration purposes, the code refers only to the container. Our products are equipped with a wooden rigid base to ensure a very good load capacity. The wheels can be requested on all models except for Candy. Customization with logo on request.