MORANDIN DESIGN presents the brand new summer 2015 collection.

Find out SABA and AGATHA

Simple and minimal Design caracterize this versatile products, suitable for any location  – both indoor and outdoor.

This metal containers are available in 2 shapes : cylindrical or rectangulare – and can be varnished in 3 different colours: White, Black or Charcoal.

The pecularity of these product designed by Morandin Design is the comfortable cushion, that works as a lid for the containers, turning the containers itselfs into a fancy and usefull chair.

Morandin Design offers you a wide range of colours, in order to satisfy all needs.

Saba and Agatha’s lid is a stuffed cushions covered with high quality synthetic leather, available in various tonality.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, and don’t miss the opportunity to get one of these amazing products!!!